Class of 1961, Jamesville-DeWitt High School, DeWitt, NY
Janet Ackerman Gore--resides in Verbena, AL--family info
William T. Affolter--physician, living in Seattle, WA
Peter D. Aller--retired papermaker, lives in Vancouver, WA
Robert M. Anderson
James B. Applegate--lives in Cazenovia, NY
Kathleen A. Arnold--possibly living in Carmel, NY
Carolyn Bates Stansbury--residing in  Indian Rocks Beach, FL--family info
Francis "Frank" M. Baxter--thought to be living in Wappingers Falls, NY
Sheila Birmingham Fiorenza--resides in Syracuse, NY
Charles "Gary" Blanchard--lives in Highland Village, TX 
Donald Brang--operates the family nursery business and lives in Fayetteville, NY--family info
Gerald "Jerry" Brang--residing in N. Syracuse, NY--family info
Ellen Braun Blum--lives in Lafayette, NY
Michael A. Brown--living in Rumson, NJ
Terrance "Terry" Bryant--retired from UPS, resides in Liverpool, NY
Martha "Martie" Buckbee-Nortman--lives in Auburn, NY--family info--photo
Susan Buerkley Bressette--widowed and living in Mattydale, NY
Susan Burkhead Seamon--resides in Little York, NY--family info
Linda Case Gillen--believed to be residing in Littleton, CO
Valounna "Va" Chounramany
Robert T. Cluse--owns commercial real estate firm and lives in Cazenovia, NY
Marjorie Cross DuPont--thought to be living in Rome, NY--family info
Judi A. Cummins--retired teacher, now an artist and writer in Rochester, NY--family info
Kent Curtis--living in East Syracuse, NY
Michael Dardaris--had an automotive service company and lived in Jamesville, NY, at his death on 8-14-2007
Jeannette Dinino Edmonds--resides in Dryden, NY
Duane A. Dix--living in Jamesville, NY
Diane Doolittle Burrell--works as a teaching assistant and lives in Cazenovia, NY--family info
Robert S. Dyer--resides in Alexandria, VA 
Judith Edel Ballway--living in East Syracuse, NY--family info
Dawn Edinger Kimberly--wed George Kimberly and lives in Ithaca, NY, retired teacher
Irma Ferrant Rushin--living in Syracuse, NY
Maureen Flynn Davis--legal nurse consultant in Greenville, SC
James N. Frey--novelist and a teacher at the Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA
Nancy Galster Ryder--lives in Venice, FL--family info
James F. Galuppi--resides in Ft. Lauderdale, FL--family info
Helen Ganotis--former member of Peace Corps, now a teacher in Rochester, NY
Gail Ginter Bressler--lives in Lakeland, FL--family info
Lorraine Greenwood Lumia--lives in Canastota, NY
Bonnie Griffith Barnes
Gail Hadden Kozikowski--wed John Kozikowski (J-D '59) and resides in Baldwinsville, NY
Elizabeth J. "Betty" Hamner Waldron
Howard "Pete" Harp--lives in Jamesville, NY 
Linda Harriger Curthoys--living in Ft. Collins, CO
Dorothy F. Hawkins 
Patricia B. Hayes Arthur--chiropractor, believed to be living in Sequim, WA
Edgar J. Hedrick--partner in a technology firm, resides in Mt. Dora, FL--family info
Gary Heinmiller--calligrapher, lives in Liverpool, NY
Richard B. Hemmer--residing in Grand Junction, CO--family info
Ruth E. Hotaling--resides in Jamesville, NY
Larry R. Howard--resides in Chittenango, NY--family info
Beverly G. Hoyer--lives in Belmont, MA
Marsha A. Johns Charles--real estate agent in New Canaan, CT
Edward F. Kaup--resides in South Yarmouth, MA--family info
William S. Keiser--recently retired railroad engineer, lives in Cazenovia, NY--family info
Robert J. Keough--wed Kay Gocklin (J-D '64) and lives in Jamesville, NY
Peter C. Kerr--living in Buffalo, NY
Michael George Kimberly--wed Dawn Edinger, attorney for Cornell Univ. and lives in Ithaca, NY
Margaret P. "Pat" King Blommer--living in Chevy Chase, MD
Robert G. Koolakian--former museum curator, lives in DeWitt, NY, and Clearwater, FL--family info
Frederick W. "Fritz" Kramer--living in Washington, DC, retired from the Justice department
Kathryn Krell Scott--wed Hawley Scott (JD '63) and lives in Fayetteville, NY--family info
Robert N. Kruth--residing in Lantana, FL
Arthur P. Kuss--engineer for state, lives in Jefferson City, MO
Roland J. LaBarge--lives in Turnersville, NJ--family info
Manfred G. Laendle--photographer, lives in Cazenovia, NY
Pricilla A. LaFlair--lives in Syracuse, NY
Jeffrey Lavine--involved in software sales in Somerville, NJ
Walter B. Lawrence--died in February, 1990--family info
Brian Lewis--(AKA Bruno Luczyski) lives in Somerville, NJ--family info
Richard Luczyski--contractor, living in Pasadena, CA--family info
Kenneth J. MacFarlane--residing in Hoffman Estates, IL
John Marzullo--owned a pharmacy, and lived in Marietta, GA, at his death on 9-4-2009
Salvatore A. "Sam" Massa--lives in Liverpool, NY
Carol Mazur Grant--living in DeWitt, NY
Mary E. McGann--Catholic nun, teaching in Berkeley, CA
Angus David McKay--died on 2-22-1983
Daniel J. McNeill--supv. for AT&T, and resided in Beach Haven Park, NJ, at his death on 10-13-1997--family info
Peter J. Meier--resides in Cazenovia, NY--was the president of the G. A. Braun Co.--family info
Lynn Merel Altshuler--living in Wayne, NJ
Howard J. Mitchell--lives in Little Falls, NY
Carol Annette Moore
Charles P. Moore--lived in E. Syracuse and was a brakeman for Conrail at his death on 5-7-1995
Jay Robert "Bob" Morton--retired airline pilot, living in Eighty Four, PA--family info
Helen Ruth Mowers
Richard T. Murray--lives in Boca Raton, FL
Linda Naumann Callahan--was previously wed to Bill O'Brien, lived in East Syracuse, NY at her death on 3-17-2011 
Nancy Nitsch Cardinale--lived in Syracuse and worked in real estate at her death on 5-25-1996
Candace Northrup Burke--widow of Gordon Schick, lives in Ballston Spa, NY
Mary Alice Northway Baker--living in Spring Hill, FL at her death on 2-03-2004
Patricia Padget Hust--lives in Wilmore, KY
Carol Paul DeGroot--lives in East Syracuse, NY
James Frederick Paul--retired blacksmith, lived in Manlius, NY, at his death on 9-4-2011--family info
Barbara Pease Carr--living in Pearce, AZ
Jay Richard "Dick" Peck--archeology professor in Sante Fe, NM before his death in Boston on 12-17-2011
David H. Pellenz--resides in Minoa, NY 
Victoria Peter Hutchinson--research scientist for Bristol-Myers, lives in Princeton, NJ
David L. Pfeifer--retired, living in Robbinsville, NC 
Barbara Pierce Marshall--was language teacher at J-D Middle School, now lives Asheville, NC
Peter J. Pistello--lives in East Syracuse, NY
Marilyn Reed Wheeler--living in Jamesville, NY
Daniel J. Reilly--possibly living in Plant City, FL
Brian L. "Gus" Reubens--loadmaster for Delta Airlines, living in Dumfries, VA
Ann Rice Grummons--living in Manlius, NY
Barry Richmond--medical researcher for NIMH, lives in Bethesda, MD--family info
Tina Ryder Cross--lives in Jamesville, NY
Judith Salisbury--lives in Marblehead, MA--family info
Phyllis Sauerbrey Donovan--lives in Minoa, NY--family info
Arthur W. Schad--recently sold a janitorial supply company, resides in Mt. Vernon, OH 
James P. Scott--living in Natick, MA
Margaret "Peg" Seleen Jewett--lives in Ann Arbor, MI
Bonnie Smith Lange--lives in DeWitt, NY
Mary Anne Soltis--living in Cohoes, NY
Freda "Stella" Steinman Margolies--believed living in Cincinnati, OH
James E. Stewart--resided in DeWitt at his death on 10-19-1999
Linda Stirton Vermillion--married Gordon Vermillion and resides in Kinston, NC
Erica Marie Sufrin
Emily Sullivan Cleer--lived in Port Richey, FL, until retiring, she and her husband now reside in Canton, IL. --family info 
Norman E. Swanson--a real estate investor living in Syracuse, NY
Anne Katheryn "Kathy" Tambs Thomas-Lasher--lives in North Port, FL
Maureen Tetley White--retired from Lemoyne College and lives in Syracuse, NY
Marjorie "Tina" Thomas Haas--lived in Camillus, NY, at her death on 4-6-1996--family info
Richard H. Tobin
Donald B. Tyson--lived in Fayetteville and worked as a security supervisor before his death on 1-16-1990--family info
Marilyn I. Vail--former professor, now has a paralegal service and resides in Camarillo, CA--photo
Thomas R. Venditti--lives in Norwood, CO--family info
Gordon Vermillion--wed Linda Stirton and lives in Kinston, NC, he is a caterer and Councilman
Harla Vermillion Bolowsky--resides in Kinston, NC
Norman Keith Wall--lives now in Cocoa, FL
Sue Ann Walton Wissig--died on 3-20-1991
Anne Ward Gangemi--lives in Liverpool, NY
John P. Ward--living in Potomac, MD--family info
Charles L. West--retired BOCES counselor, lives in Henderson Harbor,NY--family info
Wayne L. Westbrook--lives in Daytona Beach, FL
Elizabeth "Beth" Westlake Schai Peschel--worked at Blue Cross and lived in Manlius, at her death on 10-27-2003--family info
Gaylord Daniel "Dan" Whittaker--lives in Lakewood, CO
Arthur W.Wrieden--lives in San Diego, CA
Rita Ann Zimmer--believed to be residing in NYC, NY


Diane Abert Hildebrant--lives in Hollywood, FL--family info
Adella Allen Burlington--lived in Syracuse, NY, at her death on 11-20-2003
Fred Armstrong--family info
Thomas Baer--possibly residing in Oxford, MI
R. Bishop
Rebecca Bova Patterson
Daniel R. Boylan--was a disabled letter carrier living in Toledo, OH, at his death on 11-3-1992
Barbara Burns Bostic--resides in Martinsburg, WV
Theodore Calver--urban planner in Williamsburg, VA
Gloria Campbell Collins--lived in Jamesville, NY, at the time of her death on 4-10-1988
Nancy Campbell Fourney--lives in New Market, VA
B. Carpenter
B. Carroll
Mary Alice Cottet O'Neil--lives in Pelham, MA
James Cowen
Melinda Cronk McKay Howard--lives in Englewood, FL, and Lake George, NY
Kenneth Crowell--possibly residing in Northampton, PA
Mary Curry Burns--living in Hertford, NC--family info
Deborah Dailey
R. Dean
S. Dean
Franklin C. DeLong--residing in Boise, ID, at his death on 4-4-2006--family info
M. Dwyer
Raymond Egan--health care consultant, living in Princeton, NJ--family info
M. Farrance
D. Fish
P. Flood
S. Fogarty
J. Fordon
Roseann "Rossie" Frazer
Suzanne Frazier
Vicky Lynn Gross--lives in Minoa, NY
T. Greenseid
R. Griffith
J. Gudgeon
Albert W. Hagadorn--resided in Syracuse, NY, at his death on 6-27-1972
W. Hayes
Dean Heathington
Joan Hough Rushing--living in Woodstock, GA
Ronald Huckabee--lives in Jamesville, NY--family info
Robert Humeniuk--lives in Jamesville, NY
D. Jacobs
P. Jacobs 
Robert A. Jager--residing in Batavia, NY, at his death on 3-25-1991
Carl Jones
Gary Jones
Jill Kahn
Robert Knapp--resides in Overland Park, KS, retired USA officer
Barbara Knox Hubbard--lives in Auburn, NY, and Port St. Lucie, FL
Linda Mayer
Robert McCreadie
P. McDonald 
T. McDonald
Lynn McFadden
D. McGuire
J. Minse
Wellington Morton--lives in Jacksonville, FL--family info
Robert Nibe--a construction foreman, residing in Florida, NY, at the time of his death on 12-6-1993
Samuel D. Northrup--lived in Syracuse before his death on 6-12-2002
William O'Brien--resides in Fayetteville, NY--family info
Joyce Palmer
P. Phetteplace
T. Probst
Robert "Dusty" Rhoades--teaches for the Syracuse School District and lives in Manlius, NY
Richard Riordan
Robert Rose--resides in Rochester, NY--family info
A. Ryan
Anne Sanford
Gordon Schick--wed Candace Burke, resided in Boca Raton, FL at his death in August, 1982
D. Scott
Alexander "Alec" Searl--CFO for Pharmadigm, Inc. in Salt Lake City, UT
Thomas Shannon--lives in Mt. Pleasant, SC, ret.'d owner of a restaurant supply co. in Myrtle Beach, SC--family info
J. Smith
C. Snyder
Barbara Stevens Buckley--lives in Seabrook Island, SC
Curtis Stiles--trucking manager, trains TN walking horses and lives in Pompey, NY--family info
Gary L. Strout--living in McGraw, NY
Oleta Strout Monroe
Nancy Sullivan Rozak--lives in Durham, NC--family info
S. Swank
William Swett--family info
Warren Taylor--former NYS Trooper, now semi-retired electrical contractor in Chittenango, NY--family info
Elizabeth "Betsy" Templeton--graduate program administrator at Norwich University, resides in Brookfield, VT,--family info
Dirk van der Grinten--lives in Atlanta, GA
William Wall--lives in Denver, CO--family info
Larry Wood
P. Wood
Joyce Worden Vibbert--living in Fayetteville, NY

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